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Kaleidoscope, By Kaleidoscope Artist Kittelson Kaleidoscopes

Steve and Peggy Kittelson have been avid kaleidoscope artists and creators since 1987. That's when they combined their stained glass studios and began using their glass manipulation skills in the creation of kaleidoscopes. Kittelson kaleidoscopes are favored for their unique fused and slump glass exteriors in an array of designs and patterns, along with stunning visual images derived from an eclectic blend of manipulated glass figures.

The Kittelson's main objective as kaleidoscope artisans is to produce scopes that are visually stimulating with unique visual patterns and images, but that are also striking to admire as a whole. Steve and Peggy Kittelson strive to create scopes that are fascinating and stimulating to touch and hold as well as to look through. These are kaleidoscopes that stimulate the imagination as well as the senses.

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Steve and Peggy utilize their artistry to create original, striking scope exteriors highlighted with delicately machined metal. For an optimum visual experience, Kittelson kaleidoscopes are constructed using only the finest optical elements, including high-quality and viscous oil-filled chambers, traditional 2-mirror construction and unique, tiny multi-colored glass sculptures and pieces.

Discover the stunning world of glass Kittelson Kaleidoscopes available here at Kaleidoscopes To You. We have a broad collection of stunning Kittelson scopes, and you are sure to find one that will dazzle your senses at every price range. Contact us if you would like more information regarding our Kittelson selection. We guarantee that your satisfaction and offer a liberal 30-day return policy on all of our kaleidoscope products.