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Kaleidoscope, Whats NEW

Kaleidoscope, Whats NEW" title="Kaleidoscope, Whats NEW

Kaleidoscopes are our livelihood, and it’s an exciting part of our day to hunt down all the new, beautiful kaleidoscope creations out there. Kaleidoscope crafting and design have matured over the years, bringing us the vibrant, enchanting colors we see as we peer inside kaleidoscopes today, and the dynamic colors and scenes on their exterior that capture our attention. We conduct a monthly round-up of all the newest kaleidoscope creations so you can take a look at not only our customer favorites, but also the trendiest kaleidoscopes on the market. One of our favorite new kaleidoscopes is Tomoo Hosono’s Japanese kaleidoscopes, particularly his Stainless Steel Kaleidoscope. We just love the chic, sleek feel of this kaleidoscope, complete with a colorful “unique square” image inside. We’re also proud to show off Steve and Peggy Kittelson’s new Mystic Rapture kaleidoscope – the Cobalt Blue Mystic Rapture Kaleidscope. The exterior is crafted with brilliant blue glass, with small flecks of dichroic glass to add a touch of sparkle to the kaleidoscope. We’re committed to regularly discovering new kaleidoscope stylings and adding them to our “New Kaleidoscopes” section, so be sure to check back regularly!

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