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Kaleidoscope Wonder Wands Just Fun to Twiddle Fits into the LARGE Fluid Fantasy Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Wonder Wands 111/2 Inches long" title="Kaleidoscope Wonder Wands 111/2 Inches long

At, we have such an imaginative array of fun kaleidoscopes. Our Kaleidoscope Wonder Wands are 11 inch wonder wands tubes that slip into the liquid motion kaleidoscope. They are a blast on their own, just watching the multi-colored sand and beads dip and flow. However, once you slip them inside the Fluid Fantasy Kaleidoscope another world of wonder opens up. Each Kaleidoscope Wonder Wand is made from durable, clear acrylic. We wonít say that itís unbreakable, but we have dropped them on cement from a waist-high position and they remained intact. As with all toys, little children should be supervised. The Kaleidoscope Wands are filled with a non-toxic liquid. They are recommended for kids ages five through 105. Yes, even adults will be amused by the Kaleidoscope Wonder Wands.

The Wonder Wands are made in China. However, each batch is tested for toy safety standards and compliance before being exported. makes sure ALL of our toys pass lead and safety requirements.

Actual Measurements vary sas we carry 2 main sizes. The 11 1/2" long by 9/16 in diameter (just over 1/2" in diameter). To order, simply choose the colors desired and click on the order box below. Please Note these do NOT Fit the Original Illusion Kaleidoscope.

Yellow 11.5 Inch Wonder Wand
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