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Kaleidoscope, By Kaleidoscope Artist, David Collier

David Collier has been a kaleidoscope artist since 1979, and with the progress of every year since that time, he has sought to evolve as an artist with every piece of kaleidoscope art produced and created. He manipulates clay, glass, hardwood and metal to create unique, original kaleidoscopes with distinctive style and vision. He strives to be a force for constant change in the world of kaleidoscopes by experimenting with representation, form and visual impact.

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David Collier kaleidoscopes represent an ever-changing collection of styles and visual patterns that create unique kaleidoscope experiences. He uses high-precision mirrors and striking objects for creating visual patterns and prefers working with various hardwoods for the exterior design and craftsmanship of his kaleidoscopes. He also purposely creates unique object chambers that reveal distinctive color patterns, never repeating the same design.

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Each time a David Collier kaleidoscope is turned, a new pattern is revealed, and many objects do not reveal themselves until after many rotations, creating an unlimited evolution of color pattern representations. As a result, David believes that his scopes fully represent the beautiful transformation and process of continuous change in life.

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