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Front Surface Glass Mirrors | Kaleidoscope Mirrors The Biggest Sheet We ship Of Front Surface Mirror is 9 x 12 Inches.

Front Surface Mirrors | Kaleidoscope Mirrors" title="Front Surface Mirrors | Kaleidoscope Mirrors

Kaleidoscopes today are more than just the cardboard tube with something magical inside. They are actually works of art and are carefully designed from the inside out. An important component of any kaleidoscope is the kaleidoscope mirror. At Kaleidoscopes To You, we don't just collect beautifully whimsical kaleidoscopes. Our online shop sells high quality materials to make them as well.

There is no absolute perfect front surface mirror so if you have concerns about specific tolerances, please email us your specifications or tolerances.

Front surface mirrors are considered by kaleidoscope artists as the best type of mirror for kaleidoscopes. The coating on the front surface of the glass makes for an undistorted and extremely reflective mirror that has no tint. These are all essential qualities when handcrafting a kaleidoscope.

Worried about ordering a mirror online? Don't be. We carefully pack and ship our kaleidoscope mirrors so that they arrive at your doorstep in one piece. If you are unsure of what to order, please contact our top-rated customer service department. They are knowledgeable and will help you through the process from ordering through delivery.

How do I cut First surface mirrors?

Cutting the front Surface Mirror. We do offer some special cut mirrors for customers but we can offer these suggestions. Please cut Mirrors on an very flat surface. As our Front surface mirror is fairly thin we suggest a very flat surface free of debris or chips. We suggest attaching a straight edge such as a very straight board or better yet a straight metal bar to your work station or on a separate flat 2 by 2 foot plywood 1 good side surface and using a glass strip cutter. Such as this Glass Star model sold by stained Glass Supply Houses. Hope these tips help you off in the right direction. Great video or

Did You Know that We Also Custom Cut First Surface Mirror ?

Karl has custom cut first surface mirror for government contracts, for medical devices, for repair of cameras, for phone devices to use as an inspection tool, and other scientific uses. Obviously, he also cuts mirror for kaleidoscope makers as well.

He has designed a mirror cutting system using a linear bearing and air pressure for straight and accurate cuts within a millimeter of tolerance. He makes sure that the desired size is as accurate in custom cutting as possible, and checks the size with a caliper before sending the mirror to the customer.

He can hand cut squares or rectangles, but not circles, ovals, trapezoids, tapered mirrors, or other shapes, which is a frequent question. The first surface mirror that he uses is 1.25 mm thick and has a removable blue netto backing that can be pealed off to expose the side to be used in the application. He uses a sharp knife to separate the blue netto backing from the first surface mirror he just cut, so it remains to protect the cut mirror that will be used and then pealed by the customer.

After he has custom cut the order for the customer, Karl takes particular care in packing the very breakable mirror so that it arrives safely. He uses a lot of foam packing materials to cushion the first surface mirror, which is more plentiful than the glass itself in many instances. He has shipped first surface mirror all over the world with great success, so donít hesitate to inquire what he might be able to do for your project or process.