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Sir David Brewster, by general consensus, is recognized as the first creator and inventor of the kaleidoscope. He patented the first kaleidoscope device in 1816 and later permitted distinguished manufacturing companies such as Bancks, Carpenter and Ruthven to use his patent to further develop the production of kaleidoscopes.

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The kaleidoscope has evolved greatly throughout time and has become a stately, functioning work of art for collectors worldwide. Kaleidoscope artists create a plethora of exterior formations by manipulating glass, clay, hardwoods and fine metals. The interior viewing images are as varied and intriguing as the kaleidoscope exteriors.

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Each patterned image is unique to its creator. The images can be devised from sculptured glass pieces and bits, organic material from nature such as leaves and dried flower petals or random objects such as metal flakes, crushed glass and confetti-type objects. Many kaleidoscope artisans purposely build interior visual chambers to produce images that are never replicated, and certain visual elements will not reveal themselves until many rotations have been achieved.

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