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Fenton Art Glass

Fenton Art Glass, Hand Blown Glass Made In U.S.A Since 1903" title="Fenton Art Glass, Hand Blown Glass Made In U.S.A Since 1903

Fenton Art Glass created beautiful glass art work since 1905 - 2007. The company is based in the United States and is responsible for some truly stunning creations. has a charming collection of Fenton Glassware. Art glass collectors will undoubtedly find something distinctive in our selection to add to their assortment of art glass items. We offer an array of vases, dishes and even figurines. They are beautiful and would make the ideal gift. If you are searching for something different for mom on Mother’s Day, browse our Fenton Art Glass collection. Valentine’s Day is another holiday where Fenton Glassware is appropriate. Choose one of our stunning vases and present it to your significant other holding a treasured flower. They will also make unique presents for other special occasions like anniversaries and wedding showers. Enjoy meandering through our array of Fenton Art Glass. You will certainly find something special that appeals to you.

This piece to the above left is the Favrene Glass Memorial Vase that honors Don A Fenton who passed away in February of 2003.