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Kaleidoscope, By Kaleidoscope Artist,Henry Bergeson

Henry Bergeson turned a passion for mechanical processes and an education in mechanical engineering into a well-established career and place in the world of kaleidoscope design and production. Drained by lack of connection to the actual, physical interaction with mechanics and design in his former career, he followed his heart and passion and began creating Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes in the late 1980s.

Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes are crafted from fine hardwood and manipulated into stunning sculpture forms, and they are favored by kaleidoscope enthusiasts and collectors worldwide as works of art in form alone. Bergeson is renowned for his superb craftsmanship and for creating the best interchangeable kaleidoscopes in the business. Each interchangeable scope includes unique oil chambers that are changed upon preference for unique, varied visual images, patterns and motifs. Fine woods like maple and careful accents add to the tactile pleasure produced by his kaleidoscopes.

Stunning Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes for Any Budget
Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes are adored by all ages and respected by serious collectors. Each piece evokes prestige and fine artistry and reflects an attention to detail exclusive to fine kaleidoscope production. Peruse our vast selection of Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes to explore the endless possibilities of the industry's top interchangeable kaleidoscopes.

Envision which kaleidoscope will effectively speak to your needs both visually and physically. Whether you are looking for an excellent gift for business promotions, searching for the perfect personal gift or looking to enhance your personal kaleidoscope collection, Kaleidoscopes To You is the place for your scope needs. Contact us if you would like more information about our selection of Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes.