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Teleidoscopes" title="Teleidoscopes

What is a teleidoscope? It is actually a type of kaleidoscope with a twist. The teleidoscope allows users to see the world through the mirrors of a kaleidoscope since it has a clear, open view lens. The possibilities are endless. What will you see if you point your teleidoscope at fireworks or an evening skyline? Here are three of our favorite unique things to check out with your teleidoscope:

1. Yarn – We know what you’re thinking. Yarn isn’t exactly exciting viewing material. However, we recently heard of a very cool idea that we felt had to be included in this list. For anyone that has ever knitted, choosing complimentary colors can be a daunting task. It’s hard to get a good idea of how the colors will blend until you have started your piece. Holding up balls of yarn next to each other in the store is good, but we like this method even better. Take a 3 Inch Mini Brass Teleidoscope with you to the store and view the yarns together through your tool. You’ll get a much better idea of how the colors blend. Not only cool, but practical! Quilters love teleidoscopes and often use them as a tool to look at fabrics selected and see how they will look multiplied out as seen through a teleidoscope.

2. A city at night – If you happen to live in or near a large city, you know how colorful the night time can be. Use this to your advantage and take a walk one night to see what you can find. Traffic, billboards & store fronts can paint an amazing picture if you take the time to view them. Choose a rosewindow view, like the one in the Iris Teleidoscope Rindofeld, to maximize the brilliance of the city at night.

3. Fireworks – The ever changing pattern of fireworks in the night sky is brilliant on its own, so you can imagine how much the colors and lights will be magnified when you view them through your handcrafted laminated wood teleidoscope. Take your picnic basket and a blanket and settle in for a heart stopping show this summer thanks to your newly enhanced view!