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Here are some common questions we are asked with the answers to go with them!

1. How do kaleidoscopes work?

All kaleidoscopes have 2 basic sections - the mirrors and then an object at the end. The mirrors are usually in a triangular configuration of some type and create a tunnel through which you look. The object at the end creates the colors of your kaleidoscope. The object can be fixed or turn separately. The object can have loose, tumbling beads or it can have an oil filled chamber that will float to change your image. Wheels can be at the end of the kaleidoscope as well. A simple clear marble can also be at the end of the mirrors which is called a teleidoscope.

2. What is a teleidoscope?

3. What is a Kaleidoscope Vs Teleidoscope?

What is a Kaleidoscope Vs Teleidoscope you ask ? I remember as a child, looking into my little kaleidoscope and watching the colors move around and change shape, and I couldn’t figure out how this mystical device worked. I would shake the kaleidoscope and look into the other end so I could see the little colored balls, and wonder how they made different shapes and colors when you turned the kaleidoscope.

It would be later on in life when I learned how a kaleidoscope works – using mirrors, set in a particular angle to one another, which reflect the colors of the little objects at the end. These objects are generally acrylic balls, sand, or pieces of glass.

But then I recalled a few memories from the same period, in which I clearly remember looking through my kaleidoscope at a specific object in the room, and watching it change shape as I moved. It’s then that I realized I was mesmerized by a teleidoscope, which is commonly mistaken for its more popular counterpart.

Invented a hundred years after the kaleidoscope, the teleidoscope is open at the end, or has a clear sherical ball lens at the end so you can aim it at any object and watch the object turn into geometric patterns. It uses mirrors and reflections to create the patterns, just like a kaleidoscope, but you can ultimately turn any object you wish into a rotating geometric image. Oh, the possibilities!


4. Where do We ship From & When did Kaleidoscopes To You Start?

. We Ship From 507 HWY 65 Manly Iowa We started our Business in 1982.

5. Payment options Do you accept Money Orders and Checks besides Credit cards?

Yes we can accept Money orders or Checks. Please include with your letter items requested Please add 10.99 for Shipping for subtotal orders under 150.00. subtotals over 150.00 ship via UPS Ground for free within the 48 USA States.

Please send your order to

Kaleidoscopes To You 507 Highway 65 S Manly, IA 50456 US 641.454.2068 Please allow Extra time for your letter to arrive to us and shipping off to you

6. What is Front Surface Mirror? and Where can I Buy it?

Front Surface Mirror is a special mirror that is coated on the top surface of the glass unlike that used lets say in your bathroom. In a small environment like a kaleidoscope front surface mirror is highly desirable for its reflectivity and non distorting Qualities. Almost all kaleidoscopes now days use fromt surface mirror i am told Scanners like in Grocery stores and copy machines use front surface mirror as well as kaleidoscopes.
Front Surface Mirror -

  • Where to Buy Front Surface Mirror

  • 7. What makes the expensive kaleidoscopes so expensive?

    3 factors go into the price of each kaleidoscope. First, the materials selected. Simple cardboard is much less expensive than Dichroic glass which costs well over $144 per square foot. Second is the time and talent that is required to create the kaleidoscope. Some pieces are manufactured assembly line style whereas some unique pieces can represent an artist's entire work for a 2 week period. Third is the personality or rarity of the kaleidoscope.

    8. I want to see myself or my own objects through the kaleidoscope. How do I do that?

    Use a teleidoscope. A teleidoscope is a kaleidoscope that has only a clear marble at the end for its object. It will distort your view of the world and then the mirrors will multiply it into your own kaleidoscopic vision. Another option is a kaleidoscope with an interchangeable object cell, where it is designed to have objects removed and added to the cell. 2 examples of this are the Nature and Candy kaleidoscope kits which are made from cardboard and acrylic safety mirrors; and a lovely example is the King's Ransom by Henry Bergeson which is handcrafted from solid maple and bubinga woods with brass accents.

    9. Why do some images float?

    Floating images are created when the artist has chosen to use an oil filled cell at the end of the kaleidoscope. Once you have turned the object chamber, the oil will continue to float and thus create a slow motion moving image for you to enjoy. Almost all artists use medical grade pure mineral oil. Some are using silicone as well. The only care required is to keep them away from direct sunlight and direct heat. A dry object chamber will tumble as you turn the cell. It will give you the nostalgic clink as you turn the chamber. There are also creative, fun ways of changing the image from music boxes to perfume atomizers to pulleys to magnets!

    10. Why do some kaleidoscopes have different geometry to the images?

    The image is created by the geometry of the mirrors; often called the mirror system of the kaleidoscope. A 2 mirror system uses a solid black surface for the triangular barrel of the kaleidoscope. This creates a single round mandala image. The degree of the angle of the mirrors determines how many points to the star there are. A 3 mirror creates a full quilt of color; and again, the angle of the mirrors can change the geometry of the mirrors. Unique mirror systems have used even more mirrors and there have been circular mirror systems where the mirror is shaped like a tube.

    11. Where can I find kaleidoscopes locally?

    At this time, there are very few galleries that carry a large selection of kaleidoscopes. Finding a local source is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why we have shipped to all 50 states and 6 out of 7 continents. We know there are shipping charges; but please compare it to the cost of driving and hunting for them. We also acknowledge that there is the intangible quality that you just cannot judge until you hold and view your kaleidoscope. This is why our return policy is generous for 30 days. If it's not right, ship it back and we refund your purchase price of the kaleidoscope. No Hastles No Questions asked. Sorry Shipping fees are not refunded.

    12. Do We Ship Internationally?

    Yes We have shipped to all continents So Far Except For Antarctica. We suggest selecting USPS Global Priority Mail Or USPS Express Mail or UPS Expedited Saver for Best Shipping Methods. For A Quote on Shipping to you please place items you wish to purchase in the Shopping cart and then please select desired shipping method from the drop down menu. For Orders to Canada please see this page. For Orders to Japan Please see this page.

    13. Spelling of the Word Kaleidoscope

    The correct Spelling of the word Kaleidoscope is kaleidoscope. There are many misspellings of the word including kaleideoscope, kaleidescope, kaleidascope, kaleidescopes, & kaledescope .

    14. Spelling of the Word Kaleidoscopes To You

    The Business Name Kaleidoscopes To You is trademarked By the United States Government. Many spellings include kaleidoscopestoyou,, kaleidescopestoyou, kaleidoscopes2you,

    15. What Our our Gallery Hours In Manly Iowa? Shop Online - Shop By Phone - Shop By Appointment

    We are set up for Internet sales and pack orders every weekday. We do have a retail gallery but we like to say it is like shoe shopping once we know what general type of kaleidoscope you are looking for we start bringing out more and more pieces from our vast in stock collection of wonderful kaleidoscopes.
    Stop by or better yet if you are traveling any distance please do call ahead 1 641 454 2068 and make an appointment. We like to say Shop Online - Shop By Phone - Shop By Appointment.

    16. How do I cut First surface mirrors?

    Cutting the front Surface Mirror. We can cut mirrors for customers. if you wish to cut the mirror yourself we offer these tips. Please cut Mirrors on an very flat surface. As our Front surface mirror is fairly thin we suggest a very flat surface free of debris or chips. We suggest attaching a straight edge such as a very straight board or better yet a straight metal bar to your work station or on a separate flat 2 by 2 foot plywood 1 good side surface and using a glass strip cutter. Such as this Glass Star model sold by stained Glass Supply Houses.