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Kaleidoscopes for Kids | Liquid Kaleidoscope Fireworks Like Color Bursting Image Dimensions of the kaleidoscope are 9 inches Tall and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Uses 11 1/2 Inch Length Wonder Wand A Best Seller for over 30 years!!!

Kaleidoscopes for Kids | Liquid Kaleidoscope  $24.99 Each" title="Kaleidoscopes for Kids | Liquid Kaleidoscope  $24.99 Each

If you're looking for a fun-for-everyone, affordable, customizable kaleidoscope, you've found it here. Among our most popular kaleidoscopes for sale , these have been making customers smile as a Best Seller for 25 plus years! With mirrors inside at the perfect angle to give the passing stars, moons, beads and glitter their due glory, these are different from traditional twist kaleidoscopes. A liquid kaleidoscope, these rely on a simple flip to send the contents of the wand free-falling past the mirrors inside. That's your cue to take a peek and watch gravity and your liquid kaleidoscope make magic!

Our Fluid Fantasy kaleidoscopes for kids are also a top pick of adults, especially those who remember having a favorite as a child. Each brings its own colored fluid; simply choose your favorite, and opt for additional wonder wands if you prefer! These kaleidoscopes for sale are available with your choice of 1 wonder wand in your choice of 1 Qty gold, silver, blue, green, red or purple fluid wands, with each shade and more available separately as well, giving you the opportunity to purchase as many additional wands as you like without having to buy a whole new kaleidoscope.

Each interchangeable wonder wand tube is held in place by 2 black rubber O-rings, with the exterior of these kaleidoscopes for kids being comprised of a holographic, mylar material. Yes that means they're pretty inside and out! Great for gift-giving and adored by all ages, the liquid kaleidoscopes wands are 11 1/2" in length. One is included with each 9 x 1 1/2" kaleidoscope, and additional wands are just $7.00 to $9.00 each.

Whether you know them as Fireworks Kaleidoscopes, Illusion Kaleidoscopes, or Fluid Fantasy Kaleidoscopes, their enchanting effect is the same!

Great Optics & Highly recommended.