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Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes

Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes

We have proudly carried the Collier Studios line of Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes since 1985. Collier Studios have a great story of a creative family business! David and Terry Collier; the first husband and wife team of Collier Studios, began in the early 80's crafting beautiful wood kaleidoscopes. They also branched into other media of ceramics, fabric and even a foray into film kaleidoscopes but their primary medium is natural hardwoods. The second generation husband and wife team at Collier Studios is now Michael and Jan Collier. Michael and Jan are continuing this great line of kaleidoscopes and the strength of the Spirit Kaleidoscopes make this studio a very strong and vibrant studio for kaleidoscopes in every way! Collier Studios offers a great value in kaleidoscopes in their Spirit Series. The Spirit Charcoal, is the most popular in the Spirit Series as a multi colored object cell offers a nice variety of colors and beauty for the viewer. Michael Collier has added in the fall of 2011 their New Chrome Series, is a great hit and offers a bit more special and interesting pieces added to each oil filled object cell. Their hardwood kaleidoscopes such as the Peacekeeper, is beautiful inside and out. Enjoy browsing the Collier Kaleidoscopes here at Kaleidoscopes To You!
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Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoalspinsibydaco.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Whitecolor-spirit-kaleidoscope-white.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Aqua.spinblbykaar.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Aqua.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Limecolor-spirit-kaleidoscope-lime.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Cherry color-spirit-kaleidoscope-cherry.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Cherry
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Black Blingkaleidoscope-oil-chamber.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Black Bling
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope Pink.kaleidoscope-oil-cell-spirit-pink.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope Pink.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Purple.spinfupibyka.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Purple.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Seashorespirit-scopes-charcoal-seashore.html59.99Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Seashore
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Cherry Blossom Themecolor-spirit-kaleidoscope-cherry-blossom.html59.99Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Cherry Blossom Theme
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Snowflake Theme color-spirit-kaleidoscope-snowflake.html59.99Color Spirit Kaleidoscope, in Snowflake Theme
Kaleidoscope, "Color Spirit in Peacock" By Kaleido Co.color-spirit-kaleidoscope-peacock.html60Kaleidoscope, "Color Spirit in Peacock" By Kaleido Co.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope,"Butterfly" By Kaleido Co.spirit-kaleidoscope-butterfly.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope,"Butterfly" By Kaleido Co.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope,"Starry Night" By Kaleido Co.spirit-kaleidoscope-starry-night.html50Color Spirit Kaleidoscope,"Starry Night" By Kaleido Co.
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