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Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal. Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in CharcoalColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal
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Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal.

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Love a minimalist design that reserves its colorful captivation for the beauty inside? The Color Spirit in Silver kaleidoscope was crafted for you! Each of these unique kaleidoscopes is created from durable acrylic with complementary silver and charcoal accents, helping to keep the price point low while ensuring your kaleidoscope will delight for many years to come. The Spirit in Silver kaleidoscope is outfitted with a 2-mirror system, creating a mandala-shaped 6-point star image inside. While the exterior is sleek and simple in style, the image inside is beyond breathtaking! These kaleidoscopes are designed to allow light to come in sideways, which creates a striking black background with every color-filled turn. Separate turning oil-filled chamber
2 Mirror System (Round Interior Image) 6 point Symmetry.
• Dust cover easily opens and closes with a switch near the eyepiece
The Spirit in Silver kaleidoscope stands 9 tall, is 2 at the eyepiece, and 2 3/4" at the turning chamber.
One of the best values we offer in our kaleidoscope Gallery - Durable - Affordable - Breathtaking Images inside and a very Nice size kaleidoscope.

The object cell of these Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes is filled with medical grade mineral oil. Brilliantly hued pieces of Fimo clay are added, floating alongside glass beads and unique silver metal beads and other interesting and cool and colorful trinkets. The nice variety and balance of Multiple bright colors serve as an elegant balancing contrast to the vivid Fimo clay and beads. The eyepiece also features a simple slide dust cover to help keep your silver kaleidoscope clean and crisp.

Dimensions of this kaleidoscope are Stands 9 inches tall is 2 inches at the Eyepiece and is 2 3/4 at the Separate Turning Oil filled Chamber.

Customer Testimonials

"Charcoal is its name; I'd call it "Pure Electricity"! And that it truly is!

Electricity; what a big, huge chapter. Electricity in its manifold technical use, the unbelievably high voltage of a flash suddenly darting down during a thunderstorm, deadly in its force. Brilliantly interpreted by artist Karl Schilling in complex, 3D like, sparkling violet and purple toned huge clouds capturing your eyes at once. Featuring later beautiful tones of greens interpreting new unfolding leaves after huge amounts of life giving rain.

But also electricity of another nature, namely the one between all living creatures, often called auras interacting with each other in harmony or sometimes the opposite! Humans, animals, plants; all have those auras which even can be photographed! Here wonderful pictured with suddenly appearing ever so tiny glistening incredible tender beautiful sparkling high shining glossy threads in sky, indigo, turquoise bright blue tones; so delicious! All of a sudden interrupted my big mandalas in a more subtle rose red; representing warmth, affection and maybe love between all of us. It is of course only logical that also terrific, sparkling white masterfully crafted objects reminding me of a very expensive lace dress or wedding gown are later flowing around here. Creating gorgeous stars which remind me again of a perfectly decorated dinner table in white intricate fabrics during a wedding.The charcoal kaleidoscope is electricity, bursting with power and very much alive.It will reinvigorate all of your senses, high energy will play with your awareness, will ask you every time: What would happen if you' really open your eyes? What is more out there to see, to explore, to discover, to feel, to sense and to love in this world? Note that especially with "Charcoal" it is important because of it's richness to play with different angles.Also you want to stop the rotation every once in a while and let the pictures develop. Only then you'll discover it's wonders and stunning magic! Although it can be used in artificial light, best results are obtained in direct sunlight! I love my charcoal kaleidoscope; very well done Karl!" Wolfgang- Cologne

"I ordered the Spirit in Silver Kaleidoscope for my 8 year old grandson for Xmas. If I would have known they were of such high quality and beautiful colors, I would have ordered one for every one of my grandchildren. It is very sturdy and the patterns/colors that move on their own if you stay still are vivid and beautiful. Will certainly be back to purchase more because I know this kaleidoscope will be a big hit over the holidays. The shipping and communication were also speedy. Happy to have found your store". Jacqueline
Karen ordered a Spirit Silver and wrote back "The kaleidoscope ordered was received in perfect condition. Your product was considerably better than anything previously received from your competitors. The feature of the colors changing by floating in a liquid was truly amazing us. Thank you for your wonderful product." - Karen
"Just wanted to thank you for the lovely kaleidoscope that I purchased for my mom. She loves it. It arrived in a very timely manner and we both enjoy the beauty of it. Many, many thanks!" Lydia
"The kaleidoscope I bought for my grandson was a hit! Perfect gift. I have a fondness for them and believe every child should have a special one to call hers/his own. I have not yet seen it in person but all the people at the party were very impressed so thank you again." -Bonnie "Your kaleidoscope was meant to be a present for my wife. The result exceeded all expectations. She was absolutely thrilled. Beautiful thing. Thank you very much."- Sergey

"I finally got to settle in and open my package in the evening. They looked amazing in the videos but I had no idea of how amazing they were going to look in my hands. The black background set the perfect scene for bringing out the vividness of the moving mandala. As I turned and watched, slowly tears started running down my cheeks- I've owned a few kaleidoscopes, but none of them produced such profoundly complex and beautiful forms, and with such clarity, the crystal clear brilliance and depth of color is astonishing, colors so vivid - I've never seen anything like this. Psychedelic the perfect word to describe the effect. I've always loved symmetric patterns and the ones produced here were so complex and varied- what really stood out was the luminescence of some of the objects floating around. there is a piece of shimmery gold in the puck. that piece sparkles in the light and ,oh my goodness!!! when it flickers during the mandala transformations- it is magical like nothing else. In summary, these kaleidoscopes by Michael Collier are in a league of their own in terms of quality and price. each capture at every moment is a stunning piece of sacred geometry. Kudos to Karl for crafting such amazing pieces and kudos to KTY for bringing it and all your other fine products to market. please keep it going! I will keep coming back for more, as these are wonderful,most amazing gifts- for anyone! Thank you ever more!!!" - Paul

"I purchased the Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal and am 100% delighted with this product. It arrived quickly, was packed well, and was exactly as described on the website. Specifically, the kaleidoscope is sturdy and well-made, and the multi-colored jewels create endless combinations of visual enjoyment. The oil-filled chamber design adds so much to the piece, as it continues to morph into new combinations without constant turning of the wheel. Great product for a great price! I will be a repeat customer. Thank you." - AW

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