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Kaleido Color Spirit White1.3color-spirit-kaleidoscope-white.html
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell. Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.
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Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White Oil Filled Cell.

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Love a minimalist design that reserves its colorful captivation for the beauty inside? The Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in White was crafted for you! Each of these unique Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes is created from durable acrylic with complementary silver and white accents, helping to keep the price point low while ensuring your kaleidoscope will delight for many years to come. The kaleidoscope is outfitted with a 2-mirror system, creating a mandala-shaped 6-point star image inside. While the exterior is sleek and simple in style, the image inside is beyond breathtaking! These kaleidoscopes are designed to allow light to come in sideways, which creates a striking black background with every color-filled turn. The eyepiece also features a simple slide dust cover to help keep your silver kaleidoscope clean and crisp.

The object cell of these kaleidoscopes is filled with medical grade mineral oil. Brilliantly hued pieces of Fimo clay are added, floating alongside glass beads and unique silver metal beads and other interesting and cool trinkets. The nice variety and balance of Multiple bright colors serves as an elegant balancing contrast to the vivid Fimo clay and beads.
• 2 Mirror System (Round Interior Image) 6 point Symmetry.
• Separate turning oil filled chamber
• Dust cover easily opens and closes with a switch near the eyepiece
• The Spirit kaleidoscope stands 9” tall, is 2” at the eyepiece, and 2 3/4" at the turning chamber.
• One of the best values we offer in our kaleidoscope Gallery - Durable - Affordable - Breathtaking Images inside and a very Nice size kaleidoscope.
•Highly recommended.

Dimensions of this kaleidoscope are Stands 9 inches tall is 2 inches at the Eyepiece and is 2 3/4 at the Separate Turning Oil filled Chamber.

Customer Testimonials

"The White belonging to the Color Spirit series is another masterpiece of Karl Schilling. I was reminded of my granny's drawer in her closet in where she collected and stored an array of buttons, pearls etc.; in short, everything to decorate a festive gown for weddings, Christmas, big parties etc. You get the idea. Looking into Karl's model White lets me see those buttons in a fun hilarious way. Nothing serious is going on here. It does not have the subtle mystery of a Galaxy or not the mind-blowing, incredibly beautiful mandalas of a Northern Lights but entertains with a wild, beautiful collection of all kinds of trinkets. White is foremost a bold statement and needs the light of blazing sunshine to reveal its brilliance! It can be used perfectly for a quick short while to forget about the stresses of a busy day." - Wolfgang Cologne

"The Spirit in White is the second kaleidoscope I've purchased from Kaleidoscopes To You. This one was for me. It's just beautiful. They packaged it carefully and it arrived quickly and safely. I took it to work with me to show everyone. It's a great stress reliever. The colors are wonderful and it just amazes me each time I experience it." Karen/ Hewitt,TX

"The kaleidoscopes were a BIG HIT. My son loved the musical Ferris Wheel. and was very happy with the Collier Spirit White. I can't wait to visit him to see the kaleidoscope. The package arrived in time for Christmas and in good condition. Thank You." Mary
"Just want to tell you how much it means to have a note arrive with the product and now your follow up. Excellent Marketing and Customer Service. My wify's birthday was 3/7 and when we were courting she mentioned as a littlegirl she had a cardboard Kaleidscope and loved it. When she opened the package it was like she was transported back to her childhood, but with a quality Collier Spirit - White unit. The giggling, look at this one, smiles and astonishment that I had remembered. Thank you." - Michael
"Purchased and oil filled Collier "whilte" for myself. It was wonderful. Has so many colors - which I prefered. Loved the oil filling. A completely different experience from my childhood. I wanted to get a wonderful present for my sisters (3). They all loved the gift. It will be hard to find as wonderful a present as this year. You shipped FAST - and well packaged. No problems with the transaction. You have a great company." - Judi "Wonderful colors and patterns, very good quality for the money.Thanks again" - Clement "Excellent clarity and variety. Very pretty case in white, enough that one can leave it on the coffee table. Hold the clear end part under light for best viewing. For the price this is a superior kaleidoscope. Recommend." - Annette

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