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Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes

Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes" title="Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes

Several kaleidoscope purveyors have mastered the rather unique discipline of making a homemade stained glass kaleidoscope. The beauty of stained glass art is classic and has stood the test of time since the Middle Ages with handcrafted windows being transformed into functional decorations. Modern glass art has evolved into the realm of the classic kaleidoscope with the elegant grace of stained glass kaleidoscopes.

Artists Bob and Sue Rioux have created some truly special pieces taking stained glass art into the world of kaleidoscopes and the result has been marvelous. carries several sophisticated marvels in stained glass kaleidoscopes by renowned kaleidoscope artists that will delight and fascinate. Can you see out of a stained glass kaleidoscope? Yes, you certainly can and that is the astonishing spectacle of stained glass art. It is a small treasure that you can hold in your hands.