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Wooden Kaleidoscopes

Wooden Kaleidoscopes" title="Wooden Kaleidoscopes is proud of our varied selection of unique kaleidoscopes. However, kaleidoscopes fashioned from real wood and glass hold a special place in our hearts. These small hardwood and inlaid laminate creations are the perfect addition to any home because they complement every décor. Wooden kaleidoscopes also make an ideal gift whether you're celebrating a wedding or marking a special anniversary. Regardless of the occasion, a wooden kaleidoscope is a timeless present that initiates wonder and curiosity.

How do you go about making a kaleidoscope from wood? It's a question we get quite a bit, but perhaps that is a little bit of the magic of a kaleidoscope. Artists fashion wooden kaleidoscopes from a variety of different woods including walnut, teak, rosewood and padauk. Kaleidoscope artists create magic from any type of wood and the result is always the same; an eloquent gift that will touch the heart of the recipient.

Double Wheel Kaleidoscope