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D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit " Discovery in Green By Kaleido Co. D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit
D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit
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D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit " Discovery in Green By Kaleido Co.
We Have Lots of Green Discovery Kits In Stock.

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D I Y Kaleidoscope Kit " Discovery in Gold By Kaleido Co. We are happy to introduce our newest kaleidoscope kit called "Discovery"!

• The finished kaleidoscope is 7 3/4 inches long by 1 5/8 inches in diameter.
• Kit Components are tested and CE and CPSIA Compliant.
•Written Instructions included also an instruction video online below.
• Includes, all you need to make one kaleidoscope. Included is a tube, 3 mirror strips plastic eyepiece, plastic chamber and chamber lid beads and sparkly paper and white stickers to decorate the tube of the kaleidoscope.
• Tape Not Included.
• The 3 high-quality acrylic safety mirrors included provide a clear inside image to enjoy.
• Different objects can be added such as feathers, pieces of colorful sequins, or paper clips. Use your imagination! Cell can be removable again and again ad beads can be interchanged again and again.
• Great for use by schools in art, science or math classes, adult education instruction classes, science fairs, Cub, Boy or Girl Scouts events, birthday party favors, or similar situations.
•Great for instruction at any ages 6 to 106
•Quantity pricing available. See pricing table below.

Each kit is cellophane wrapped and contains a removable plastic eyepiece and object case in which to place the colorful beads, circles, and stars. The hard cardboard tube holding the acrylic safety mirrors can be covered with the accompanying sparkly paper with your own choice of glue or tape, which is the only thing that isn't included in the kit. The kit comes with instructions or see the instruction video we made as to how to assemble the kit.

Each mirror has a transparent film that should be removed from the mirror side, which is opposite the white paper covered side of each mirror. Before placing the mirrors into the tube after taping into an equilateral shape, it is advised for the teacher to view the mirrors to make sure the sides meet one another. A great learning activity is to take just the three mirrors that have been taped together and place on any page of a magazine to view what happens to the image viewed.

Customer Testimonials

5 stars based on 4 reviews
I would recommend to a friend
Kaleidoscope kit 5 Super easy to assemble- perfect for my grandkids!!
0 of 0 found this review helpful
I would recommend to a friend
Great product! 5 We used these for a Vacation Bible School at our church. The quality is excellent and the kids had a great time putting them together. Most of the kids had never heard of or seen a kaleidoscope before which made it even more fun for them!
0 of 0 found this review helpful
I would recommend to a friend
These are truly magnificent! 5 At .50 even the full price of .00 these are truly a bargain. The simplest materials transform into a visual wonder! I bought 5 in various colors for my 4 grandchildren and myself to work on as a project together. The 9 and 7 year olds needed a small amount of help to get things taped together nicely, but probably could have done an adequate job on their own. One of the beautiful things about this kit is that you can get away with a bit of imperfection and still get really good results.
The kids were super happy with their kaleidoscopes!
I would suggest keeping the plastic covering on the mirror strips until you are ready to tape the triangle closed. If the mirror strips don't go together perfectly the first time, you can remove the tape and start again without getting fingerprints or scratches on the mirror surface.
We also included some small 4mm glass beads we had on hand and they worked fine with the included beads. The included beads are PLENTY, you don't want to overfill the chamber. Since the chamber comes off, you can experiment with different amounts, colors, etc.
We adorned the paper after assembly with the included stickers plus, you know, fairies, butterflies, rainbows. . .

Watch the video and you'll see how easily this kit goes together.
Pros:The included paper covering has great sparkle.
The included beads are colorful and have a variety of shapes that show up nicely and keep the view interesting as you turn the tube.
Cons:None worth mentioning.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
I would recommend to a friend
5 Im so glad I looked around online before just buying from the major retailers. I would not have found the diy kaleidoscope, the price was better at Kaleidoscopes To You and it was just very pleasant to receive a handwritten note inside the package. Ill be returning for more kaleidoscopes for birthdays and gifts in the future. Thank you for the great experience!
1 of 1 found this review helpful

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