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Kaleidoscopes, Brass Kaleidoscopes, By a Variety of Different Kaleidoscope Artists

Brass Kaleidoscopes" title="Brass Kaleidoscopes

A brass kaleidoscope is beautiful in its simplicity, with the brightly colored metal enticing hands to pick it up to see the incredible marvel inside. Brass has long been a favorite material of kaleidoscope artists who have crafted some truly magnificent pieces, and their results inspire a multitude of questions about how they're made (we'll never tell).

At, we offer a whole host of kaleidoscopes designed by many different artists who specialize in the rather unique discipline. You will even find some one-of-a-kind brass glass kaleidoscopes that make a special gift even more treasured. However, the how is part of the charm of the kaleidoscope. While we do offer kits to make a simple one at home, a kaleidoscope artist's secrets like a magician are best kept to themselves to preserve the magic.

Mini Escape Kaleidoscope