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Kaleidoscope Artists, Corki Weeks Brass Kaleidoscopes Oil Filled Chambers Vibrant Colors

Corki Weeks Kaleidoscopes" title="Corki Weeks Kaleidoscopes

Amazing Kaleidoscopes by Corki Weeks. Corki Weeks is a prolific kaleidoscope artist and has been making kaleidoscopes for over 30 plus years now. Her work is filled with vibrant colors and her craftsmanship is second to none. Best yet, her designs are priced to be affordable.

You may not know this but Corki Weeks is a top kaleidoscope artist in her field. Her originality and innovative mirror systems amazing skill and talent for arranging color texture and a variety of interesting shapes inside the oil-filled cells makes her kaleidoscopes a classic enduring valued kaleidoscope in many collectors worldwide. Comes very Highly recommended.
Corki Weeks Mirror Systems are very unique and every kaleidoscope is really one of a kind. Corki Weeks has won many awards for her unique mirror Systems over the years and was one of the first artists to show two separate mirror systems in one kaleidoscope barrel as far back as 1985 or so.

Michael Wrote back after giving a Beneath the Sea "I want to thank you for your products and service. Ordering from your company was a real pleasure. For Christmas, I gave a the Corki Weeks Under the Sea kaleidoscopes to a most dear friend who has loved Corki's work for many years. She loved it. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Cheers."