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Corki Weeks Artist Profile

Corki Weeks Artist Profile" title="Corki Weeks Artist Profile

Corki Weeks is one of the most prolific and creative kaleidoscope artists of the last 30 years. Her work has spanned brass, glass and mixed media for kaleidoscopes ranging from tiny necklaces to large parlor kaleidoscopes. Her depth of knowledge and her warm and open personality have earned her a top spot within the hearts and minds of the kaleidoscope community. Corki is known for developing new and creative mirror systems as well as her whimsical exteriors. Her latest whim is taking her down a path of beads and slices of curved and slumped dichroic glass angles. These are appearing within the mirror systems of the kaleidoscopes, on object cells of her kaleidoscopes and around the necks of those admiring the kaleidoscopes as well as admiring Corki.
have so many good things to say about Corki Weeks as a person and kaleidosocpe artist. There are many artists such as Judith Paul, Henry Bergeson, Ken and Dorrie Wilhoite, and many more that havent been helped by Corki Weeks. Judith Paul and Corki Weeks are great friends indeed. I hear stories all the time of Corki Giving advise sources or parts to artists. Corki Began her life in Kansas. The last 25 or so Years she has lived in Denver Colorado Area. He husband Ed is a well know hydrologist studding water movement thru rocks. Good Knowledge to have when deciding to store nuclear waste.

I am not 100 % sure when Corki Weeks started making kaleidoscopes but i beleive it was the late 1970s. She has one numerous awards for innovative mirror systems like these 2 mirror systems in one brass barrel. She is so innovative in her mirror systems and masking her oil cells like in tango models.

Take a look here at some of her past kaleidoscopes. So many of her works are really one of a kinds as all have some varriations as she is always trying something different. We love getting a box filled with new Corki Weeks Models as it is like Christmas to us. She has been retired for the most part from making kaleidoscopes but still ships a few models to us and one other gallery. So we feel lucky and honored to be one of the galleries she still likes to work with.

Here are some of her current works. However we are indeed low on her work right now.

What a creative artist and no collection is complete with out at least 1 or 2 Kaleidoscopes By Corki