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Kaleidoscopes By Steven Gray

Steven Gray" title="Steven Gray

Kaleidoscopes By Steven Gray. Karl remembers selling Steve's work in the early 1990s as part of Gray and Gray Woodworks. His work has always been very innovative inside and out. His work from the 1990s is still highly sought after by serious collectors of rare parlor kaleidoscopes. Many of these earlier scopes by Steven were large, sculptural pieces in the price range of thousands of dollars each. Innovative pieces like Parasol and Chamber Extenuation were among his early 90's sculptural wooden kaleidoscope masterpieces.

Now after almost 2 decades away from kaleidoscopes, Steven Gray has back with new and brilliant designs! Karl Schilling is wowed at his creativeness and innovation with a very simple and user friendly model for a rare polyangular kaleidoscope. Enjoy these fabulous kaleidoscopes!