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Retro Kaleidoscopes, "Seashells" Era 1986 Kaleidoscopes by Peach.
Retro Kaleidoscopes,
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Retro Kaleidoscopes, "Seashells" Era 1986 kaleidoscopes By Peach.

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Retro Kaleidoscopes, "Seashells" Era 1986 Kaleidoscopes By Peach. Peach Reynolds Was a pioneer in the kaleidoscope renaissance in America in the 1980s. He traveled to many Art Shows and his work was carried by many fine kaleidoscope galleries across the United States.

So a nice large sized kaleidoscope. In great condition. Wonderful for a 1980's kaleidoscope. There is a little yellowing in some of the white paint I cannot tell is this is actual yellow paint or some minor discoloration has occurred in spots. Overall great condition for its age. Please note there are some yellowing areas in 3 spots thus the low reduced price. Still displays nice. The 3 mirror system and dry tumbling object cell are all like new condition.

  • 13" tall - 2 1/2" diameter
  • 3 Mirror System and dry tumbling object cell.
  • Spin the entire kaleidoscope itself to change the interior image
  • Handpainted Exterior No two were ever alike
  • Handmade in U.S.A. Kaleidoscopes By Peach.
  • Dry cell kaleidoscope chamber is filled with wonderful seashells for a natural view.

One of the Founding members of kaleidoscopes by Peach Allen Wilson wrote " During the period of the 80s, Kaleidoscopes by Peach consisted of three partners and several people hired by us to assist in the making of the scopes. The partners consisted of myself, Allen Wilson, Mark Reynolds (Peach's brother) and Peach. My wife, Karen, was the main constructor of the end pieces. Credit goes to Peach for his initial ideas but the company was also built upon the ingenuity of many others. So, it is 'Kaleidoscopes by Peach' that you are selling but not kaleidoscopes by 'Peach Reynolds'. I myself put more than a decade into that artistic endeavor and feel that many others should be recognized. With all that said, Kaleidoscopes by Peach fell apart due to some unfortunate circumstances with other people in the business. Peach and I decided to leave the company in Mark's hands and he has performed well with his beautiful kaleidoscopes."

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