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Modern Art, Acrylic Kaleidoscopes By Kaleidoscope Artist, Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn Bennett Kaleidoscopes" title="Carolyn Bennett Kaleidoscopes

Carolyn has been making kaleidoscopes since about 1979. She is respected as a pioneer in her field and has designed many many models over time. Carolyn has a fine arts degree in painting and has developed extraordinary photography skills through the years. She has been a leader in the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, a group for kaleidoscope artists, collectors and kaleidoscope gallery owners. Carolyn's work is respected as unique and original and many designs have become classics as they have endured decades of approval. She holds many patents for her original designs. Her most prolific kaleidoscope is the Jazzy Toy Kaleidoscope. This toy scope has been customized for high end clients all over the world and is now produced here at our gallery.

Carolyn shows her love of fine art paintings in her kaleidoscopic style also. Her Van Gogh Starry Night Liquid Suspension Kaleidoscope interprets this famous Van Gogh painting into a kaleidoscope!