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Artist Info - Massimo Strino

Artist Info - Massimo Strino" title="Artist Info - Massimo Strino

Massimo Strino is and amazing Kaleidoscope Artist. He has made kaleidoscopes now for many many years. Massimo has evolved his artwork now to a high style of art and function. Massimo has achieved the trust of our gallery as one of the top designers of our time period. If you are truly seeking a one of a kind kaleidoscope and have some time to await the creation of a truly special kaleidoscope He would like to encourage you to place your order for a custom kaleidoscope thru our gallery and let Massimo come up with a unique kaleidoscope for you. Price ranges for his Custom Kaleidoscopes start at $1500.00 to $5000.00 and go up from there. Below are some of our more affordable production and Limited Edition kaleidoscopes.