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Wooden Kaleidoscopes, By Kaleidoscope Artists, Randy and Shelley Knapp

Randy and Shelley Knapp" title="Randy and Shelley Knapp

UPDATE Knapps Retired in June 2019. Sadly We cannot special order any of their work for you anylonger. At, we are always proud to have the opportunity to highlight impressive kaleidoscope artists. Randy and Shelley Knapp are two of our most inspiring and consistently remarkable kaleidoscope artists. Since 1988, Randy Knapp, and Shelley Knapp, have been honing their skills and developing new and exciting techniques to deliver wonderful and innovative handmade kaleidoscopes, for people of all ages. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other holiday, Knapp kaleidoscopes are guaranteed to inspire wonder and amusement for many years to come.

Using the time-honored technique of woodturning and updating it with contemporary equipment, Randy and Shelley Knapp have turned their kaleidoscope work into award-winning, published pieces of art. If you’re looking for a beautiful piece to display on your desk or mantle, the “Intertwined” kaleidoscope is a perfect choice. Featuring a built-in stand with poseable legs and an adjustable viewer, this fully functional kaleidoscope will delight any viewer. If you are looking for a durable kaleidoscope that will be used extensively, try the “Mandalious” kaleidoscope. Handmade from an all-wood design, this kaleidoscope uses an oil filled cell and creates a mandala image with a 6 point star. No matter what kind of kaleidoscope you’re looking for, we have the perfect one for you at!