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Karl Schilling (Kaleidoscope To You Owner - Founder)

Karl Schilling (Kaleidoscope To You Owner - Founder)" title="Karl Schilling (Kaleidoscope To You Owner - Founder)

Hi, I am Karl. I have sold kaleidoscopes since I was 16. I am Now 55. So I guess you could say I know kaleidoscopes. Pictured in the our History Section is a stained glass kaleidoscope I made many many of in the early 1980s. I loved kaleidoscopes as a kid. I vividly remember my first kaleidoscope and I remember actually sawing thru the cardboard tube to see what made this work. I was one of those curious kids who wanted to see what made things work and had to see inside my kaleidoscope and what magic made this work. Well years later as a young man I was deciding what to do for work and began making kaleidoscopes out of Stained Glass (1982) I soon found out I needed to carry other artist's kaleidoscopes as well as my own and there is the start. I sold kaleidoscopes at art fairs and tourist locations in the Midwest Including House on the Rock In Spring Green Wisconsin, Galena Illinois, and Later the Mall of America in Bloomington MN. At Mall of America, we had a Kiosk Just featuring Kaleidoscopes. When I met my wife We had between our families 5 Stores in 3 states. In the mid-1990s we went online selling a small niche item the kaleidoscope Online and Have not regretted this ever since. I am so blessed to be doing what I love and we are actually making a good living just selling kaleidoscopes. I realize in My worldly Travels that Being born an American I have been afforded the opportunity to be self-employed. My income has always revolved around the kaleidoscope. I would have to say I may be one of the only people in the world that can boast that I have made my entire living and wealth selling kaleidoscopes. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I am all for Entrepreneurship I would say encourage your children. America Is an amazing place to be a business owner. I would say start small and grow where you see a need in a few years you can always reinvent your self. The old adage how many carriage whip factory businesses are there now compared to the 1800s yes there are some need indeed but not like the days before a car. You have to be willing to change and change is actually what a kaleidoscope is all about. Anyway enough about me Buy a kaleidoscope or two or three from us. We do stand behind all kaleidoscopes we sell. Kaleidoscopes are great gifts. I have always said I really sell relaxation and objects of beauty and wonder. Let us send a bit of color and Magic your way.

Added Sept 1, 2020

"I loved kaleidoscopes as a child in fact it was my favorite toy as a 5-year-old.

When I was 16 I know I wanted to devote my career to something in the arts. Glass if My First love and kaleidoscopes incorporate some of my passions for glass and symmetry. I am one of those people that needs art color Music every day in my life. So I have been lucky to make a career of selling and making kaleidoscopes bringing joy to people worldwide. I say only in America Can I make a living selling things people do not need But Want.

Lampworking Glass for the kaleidoscopes I build is indeed the highlight of every day I get to work with melting glass.

Coming up with a model that fits the market in the current time frame made for Heirloom Quality at a reasonable price is what I strive for in my kaleidoscope designs."