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Kaleidoscope By Kaleidoscope Artist, Charles Karadimos

Charles Karadimos Kaleidoscopes" title="Charles Karadimos Kaleidoscopes

Charles Karadimos is one of the remarkable kaleidoscope artists that are carried by Karadimos is actually a self-taught artist. He's been working with stained glass since 1975 and began making glass kaleidoscopes in 1980. His beautiful stained glass kaleidoscopes are hand-crafted from his studio in Damascus, Maryland. Charles Karadimos brings a fearless hand to each handmade kaleidoscope he creates. Thinking beyond obvious lines and color combinations, his art has a freedom to flourish. He seems to believe that each component has a destiny, and offers his craftsmanship as an outlet through which each stained glass kaleidoscope can realize its purpose and come to life. And once it has been born, the fun truly begins! For we get to appreciate whichever handmade kaleidoscope catches and keeps our eye, being perfect just sitting there, yet somehow even more perfect inside. Perhaps that's what we love most about Charles Karadimos kaleidoscopes; they're like a Christmas present wrapped so beautifully that you think what's inside couldn't possibly compare, then it does! Great Interview between Artist Charles Karadimos and Karl Schilling On precision & emotion of great kaleidoscopes. Charles Artist Statement" Kaleidoscopes are a very important and influential part of my life. As a scope artist since 1980, I have spent a large part of my life creating and sharing kaleidoscopes with all those around me, hopefully bringing joy to "children" of all ages as they intimately participate in this interactive art form. The enthusiastic reactions that emerge magically transforms the individual spirit, brings a smile to the face, and peace to the heart."- 2013