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Kaleidoscope Toy

Kaleidoscope Toy" title="Kaleidoscope Toy

Remember playing with a kaleidoscope toy as a child? Although we’ve never quite calculated this scientifically, a quick poll of some of our customers and our staff here at tells us 15-20% of us do remember gazing fantastically into a toy kaleidoscope as a kid. You may have received a bright plastic kaleidoscope toy inside a party favor bag, or chosen one as your arcade ticket prize, or even have been gifted a kaleidoscope by a family member. Kaleidoscope toys, in addition to being fun to play with, really spark a child’s creativity in both the arts and sciences. As you peered inquisitively into your kaleidoscope toy as a child, you likely marveled at all the beautiful colors, while also wondering how exactly they got there! Ignite this same sense of imagination and curiosity in a child by choosing our Silver Nova Marble Kaleidoscope, Large Blue Fluid Kaleidoscope, and more. Searching for an educational gift for kids? Our Hologram Teenie Weenie Kaleidoscopes , are priced and sized right for kids!