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Current Work - Kaleidoscopes By Artisan Charles Karadimos

Current Work - Kaleidoscopes By Artisan Charles Karadimos" title="Current Work - Kaleidoscopes By Artisan Charles Karadimos

We are excited to offer a handmade stained glass kaleidoscopes collection crafted by the incomparable Charles Karadimos. We encourage you to browse the selection below, and also check out his full line of current work at his site. If you see particular stained glass kaleidoscopes you wish to inquire about, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help make it yours! Charles keeps his website fairly current, and handmade kaleidoscopes that are available (not marked sold) are available through our gallery. While pricing is not posted on his site, most prices range from $350 to $4200, with the popular black and white pieces of the Mandala series retailing for $950 each.

Charles Karadimos stands at the forefront of the finest stained glass handmade kaleidoscopes artists with his impeccable attention to detail in every element. From perfect mirror systems to gorgeous stained glass materials, his work is crafted to be enjoyed for many years to come. In a 2013 interview with Charles and our own Karl, regarding the precision and emotion necessary to create truly great kaleidoscopes, Charles shared: ôKaleidoscopes are a very important and influential part of my life. As a scope artist since 1980, I have spent a large part of my life creating and sharing kaleidoscopes with all those around me, hopefully bringing joy to "children" of all ages as they intimately participate in this interactive art form. The enthusiastic reactions that emerge magically transforms the individual spirit, brings a smile to the face, and peace to the heart."

Another excerpt from a conversation between our own Karl and Charles Karadimos: "I have always respected your input and feedback; something I don't get from some of the other galleries I send work to. You have to know that this is not just a business for me. I really do strive to make the finest work possible, without compromise. To do this without machining parts is a challenge, and I work very hard to overcome this. When you order from me saying that you want perfect mirrors, I smile because it is that kind of statement that pushes me to do even better. Thank you." - Charles No, Charles � Thank you!