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Frank Casciani Kaleidoscopes

Frank Casciani Kaleidoscopes" title="Frank Casciani Kaleidoscopes

Wonderful egg kaleidoscopes By Frank Casciani! Frank has been handmaking beautiful kaleidoscopes for many many years using real eggs. From Goose eggs to Emu Eggs, Rhea Eggs to the large Ostrich Eggs this is just the creative beginning. (Pun Intended) He hand paints colorful colors on the exteriors or adds in some cases goil or silver foils and lacquers these to a wonderful glossy finish. Just look at this beautiful model Gold burst goose Egg Kaleidoscope. Another favorite piece designed by Frank is the Emerald Goose Egg Kaleidoscope. Gifts of Eggs can symbolize a wonderful new beginning. Having a kaleidoscope inside one of these eggs doubles the fun and beauty of the exterior. Very colorful images await you the viewer inside.