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David Kalish Kaleidoscopes Great Optics Great Craftsmanship Sadly David Died in mid 2022.

David Kalish Kaleidoscopes" title="David Kalish Kaleidoscopes

One of our favorite kaleidoscope artists, David Kalish has been creating scopes since January of 1983. He has taken a few short breaks from the kaleidoscope world over the years, but is always drawn back to the craft that he is truly a master of! After many years of focusing on children’s kaleidoscopes, David Kalish revamped his line in 1998 taking a more adult turn. Kalish was in good company, among many other talented kaleidoscope artists who recognized that the market was ready for growth beyond kaleidoscope toys into artistic pieces adults could collect and appreciate.

While many of David Kalish’s original designs feature an acrylic exterior, he has moved into crafting unique metal kaleidoscopes in recent years. With clean, classic lines, and finishes of chrome, brushed brass, and shiny brass, Kalish is among the preeminent kaleidoscope artists creating metal scopes today. Perhaps his most popular piece, The Wedding Kaleidoscope is a go-to wedding gift for many, combining beauty with meaning. Inspired by his own marriage, Kalish came up with the concept for The Wedding Kaleidoscope as a way to illustrate that there are two unique perspectives in any union. Imagined in those magical moments between sleep and wakefulness, The Wedding Kaleidoscope is among our personal faves!