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Stocking Stuffers, Small Jazzy Toy Kaleidoscopes Can Be Customized with your Business Logo. Customized here in the U.S.A.

Stocking Stuffers,  Kaleidoscopes Small Jazzy, Toy Kaleidoscopes " title="Stocking Stuffers,  Kaleidoscopes Small Jazzy, Toy Kaleidoscopes

Are you tired of the same old standbys for the holiday stockings? Be everyone’s favorite Santa with Kaleidoscope Toys from We have a fun array of small kaleidoscopes that make unique, inexpensive stocking stuffers. These small kaleidoscopes are designed for kids and come in a bright array of styles and colors that children will love. Themes will appeal to both girls and boys. However, the best thing about kaleidoscopes is that children of all ages love them. While they are fun to look at, a kaleidoscope is even better when you pick it up and look inside. They are a little piece of nostalgia from your youth that you can pass along to your kids. A kaleidoscope is a throwback that everyone can enjoy. Check out our selection below!

The Small Jazzy Kaleidoscopes are designed by Myself and Carolyn Bennett 2 kaleidoscope makers with over 75 years of experience between us. So we are American artists. The cardboard tubes and special front Surface Acrylic child safety mirrors are made by a lamp factory in Taiwan. We import the parts from this factory and have for 30 years now from the same source. The parts are shipped to us here in Manly Iowa Where the beads are put in here in Iowa and the printed Labels are made by a food-grade label by a Des Moines Company and hand-applied by 3 of our staff here at Manly Iowa.

So it is a global handcraft between Taiwan and Iowa USA.

All parts and surfaces are CPSIA tested and certified to meet USA toy safety laws free of dangerous chemicals and are non-toxic and rated for children over the age of 3 years old.

Hope this helps explain origin.

Customers Say "They came on time. They are beautiful and well made. I am satisfied. Thank you." - Anne