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Kaleidoscope - By Artist Judith Paul.

Judith Paul Kaleidoscopes" title="Judith Paul Kaleidoscopes

Exquisite Kaleidoscopes by Judith Paul - Captivating Designs and Custom Creations

We’ve been lucky here at to have met and partnered with many talented kaleidoscope and glass artists over the years. We’ve immersed ourselves in this world, and even after seeing hundreds of different kaleidoscope styles, there are still designs that inspire awe in us – such as kaleidoscope artist Judith Paul. We consider her work to be among the top 10 artists of our time.

Judith’s incredible sense of color, texture, and balance – coupled with overall design and functionality, continue to captivate us with each and every kaleidoscope creation of hers. Not only are Judith Paul's kaleidoscopes crafted with dazzling mirror systems and vivid interior colors, but they also feature metal powder-coated barrels and bases that are incredibly durable.

Judith Paul is not only known for her kaleidoscopes – she’s also the face of a romance novel – “Spirit” by Christine Feehan! We’re excited to showcase Judith & Tom’s new “Story Line” collection, featuring 15 different themes, including the Green Earth Kaleidoscope, a customer favorite. Interested in a unique kaleidoscope? Judith Paul welcomes custom creations, so just give our kaleidoscope gallery a call at 888.454.2068 for more information!

Be sure to check out Judith & Tom’s Lumiere Kaleidoscope – kaleidoscopes accented with sumptuous luxury – an absolutely breathtaking lit from within white dichroic parlor kaleidoscope.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking artistry of Judith Paul. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a unique and custom kaleidoscope creation. Order now and experience the magic of Judith Paul's designs!