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How To, Cleaning and Care of Brass Kaleidoscopes.

How To, Cleaning and Care of Brass Kaleidoscopes.

How To, Cleaning and Care of Brass Kaleidoscopes. Cleaning brass is a good question and all depends upon the model and if it is lacquer coated or not. If your model is not clear lacquered a brass polish such as brasso or similar not so abrasive paste like product with a very soft cloth or microfiber cloth can be used. You should exercise care in cleaning near the eye lens or glass in object cell as to not scratch the eye lens or object cell. We personally do not ever clean brass much as we like the aged look and do not like risk ruining the kaleidoscope functionality or delicate images inside.

Note please never immerse the kaleidoscope into a liquid cleaner as this can ruin the delicate mirror system inside.

I have also used a jewelers rouge cloth to gently buff the exterior of the kaleidoscope. The jewelers rouge cloths have a nice soft cloth with a rouge material into the cloth and this is what we lightly use to mildly buff up any metal kaleidoscopes we have but please note these rouge cloths do not shine to a shiny surface like new buffed brass shines. these rouge cloths just take minor finger prints and gives a nice feel to the kaleidoscope.

You can send us a photo of the model you have and we can give more pointers on your specific model if you wish you may do so.
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