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Kaleidoscopes By Tomoo Hosono Of Japan. These Japanese kaleidoscopes are unique delicate and delightful. The plain stainless steel exterior is contrasted by bright colorful interior images. Polarized cells.

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Kaleidoscopes are a worldwide tradition, capturing the imagination of people from all over the globe. We at are pleased to continue this tradition by offering these stainless steel kaleidoscopes from Tomoo Hosono. Mr. Hosono has been creating these fantastic kaleidoscopes in his native country of Japan, and has graciously allowed Kaleidoscopes To You to have a full selection of his beautifully minimal but magical kaleidoscopes. Whether you are giving these kaleidoscopes as a gift or purchasing one for yourself as a show piece, these Tomoo Hosono kaleidoscopes are guaranteed to please.

Mr. Hosono has been a master of the metal kaleidoscope, arts in the years hes been practicing. Each one of his handmade kaleidoscopes features brilliant colors and mesmerizing shapes. Take, for instance, the Brushed Stainless Steel Teleidoscope. The precision of the 2 mirror system is unparalleled, while the stainless steel construction gives it a sturdy elegance and clean, smooth appearance. Browse today for these unique kaleidoscopes from Tomoo Hosono and treat yourself to something different, daring and dramatic in its striking simplicity.