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Fritz Lauenstein Art Glass Marbles: Signed Glass Marbles

Fritz Lauenstein Art Glass Marbles: Signed Glass Marbles" title="Fritz Lauenstein Art Glass Marbles: Signed Glass Marbles

One of the premiere marble makers in the US, Fritz Lauenstein has been blowing glass since before many of you reading this were born! Currently residing in Cape Cod, Fritz learned his craft in Maine in 1974. His ongoing passion is evident in each of his magnificent handmade marbles, which allow collectors a chance to appreciate that sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. is proud to offer a stunning selection of Fritz Lauenstein art glass marbles, each bringing a one-of-a-kind wonder that mass marketed goods simply don't have. These petite works of art enable you to take something pretty and petite along with you wherever you go, or gift something bold beyond its size to someone special.

Among our favorite things about collecting art glass marbles is that it is an option for everyone regardless of their living quarters. Whether you reside in a large house or tiny apartment, there's always room for marvelous handmade marbles! There are many larger items that make for tempting collections, but finding the appropriate space to showcase them can be tricky. Art glass marbles from Fritz Lauenstein let you appreciate intricate beauty in a size you can literally hold in the palm of your hand. You can't do that with antique cars!
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"I'm extremely pleased with the two items I purchased and the immediate and friendly service that I received. I look forward to future purchases and more beautiful marbles. Many thanks!" Kind regards, -Mark T.