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Discontinued Kaleidoscopes, By Artists Carol and Tom Paretti.

Discontinued Kaleidoscopes, By Artists Carol and Tom Paretti." title="Discontinued Kaleidoscopes, By Artists Carol and Tom Paretti.

We have carried the Parettis Kaleidoscopes in our Galleries for many many years. I do have to say they are so well made in over 20 years We have had only 1 to send back for a repair and this was for an atomizer that came apart between the hose and Squeese part after some rough Children had a go with The "Feather and Leather" So our gallery has not seen a mirror system issues, oil cell leaks, or other mechanical problem. Pretty Good track record for very well make and constructed kaleidoscopes. The Parettis live in the Southwest and enjoy their Home and Studio there. Simply put they produce Well crafted and Precise and timeless designed Kaleidoscopes. We rarely see one of their kaleidoscopes come onto the secondary market wish tells me they are also well cherished by collectors. When I have seen a Paretti Kaleidoscope come up for sale in the Secondary Market We have seen their Work Appreciate in Value when well cared for. Here are some of their past work. Here is all the work that they are still making and still can be special ordered. One of my all time favorites of their work is the Feather and Leather. many customers that visit our store fall in love with this model as well. Another favorite is Cosmic. these are lovely hand painted exteriors by Carol. The oil filled cell is filled with a variety on various hand made glass peices and colorful found objects. I love how peices slowly move by on this model with the oil filled cell.