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Kaleidoscopes For Sale

Kaleidoscopes For Sale" title="Kaleidoscopes For Sale

Kaleidoscopes for Sale Make Great Gifts

For the lover of art, light, science and beauty, a kaleidoscope is the perfect gift. Commonly known as a childhood toy, kaleidoscopes can be anything but a kid’s toy. While the beauty of light and colors rightfully fascinates children, it is a complicated creation formed from a background in science and the understanding of light waves.

Although the ancient Greeks, including the mathematician Ptolemy, had contemplated the effects of abutting multiple mirrors, the invention of the kaleidoscope is due to one man, Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), a Scottish scientist, in 1816. Born in Scotland and educated to become a minister at the University of Edinburgh, it was at the university he was exposed to the wonders of science; however, he abandoned the church in favor of studying properties of light. He became an expert in polarization of light (the linear and planar properties of light), reflection of light using metal and light absorption. For his scientific discoveries, Brewster was elected a fellow of the Royal Society – Britain’s leading scientific organization – in 1815 and knighted in 1831.

Kaleidoscopes for Sale
Thanks to the genius of Brewster, and the additional work by American Charles Bush, kaleidoscopes became a common household toy for children and a wonder for adults. Kaleidoscopes for sale can be found everywhere, including at, where we bring you the best selection from amateur to expert collections.

Great Gifts
With the history, science and pure awe surrounding kaleidoscopes, they make great gifts. Let a child learn and explore with a classic tin Thomas the Tank Tin Toy Kaleidoscopes for Sale or an NJ Inlaid Wood Teleidoscope. A great gift for the adult with a fascination for science and/or a collector of kaleidoscopes, they’ll marvel in the pleasure of the Large Brass Contempo Kaleidoscopes with Walnut Base or the elegance of Damsel Dreams Parlor Kaleidoscope, encrusted with Swarovski crystals by Massimo Strino.

Whether adult or child, everyone will marvel in the beauty and ingenuity of a kaleidoscope. We offer a full range of prices, styles and selections of kaleidoscopes for sale. Browse our selection today and find the perfect gift for that next special occasion.