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Henry Bergeson Artist Profile

Henry Bergeson Artist Profile" title="Henry Bergeson Artist Profile

During his youth, Henry developed a love for all things mechanical. He took his love and ability to a new level with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Henry helped design sailing rigs for cargo ships to reduce fuel consumption. He now lives in the Rocky Mountains with a view of Pikes Peak. Henry started making kaleidoscopes in the mid 1980s. His many great designs reflect the natural beauty and his technical expertise of engineering. The finish to his woodworking is second to none. Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, one of our greatest joys is building the friendships and working relationships with our artists.

I'd like to share some stories about Henry Bergeson and his work today.

Henry grew up in New England with a strong sailing background. This led to his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in shipbuilding. He and his father built their own boat to sail across the Atlantic. After a storm and losing the boat in the North Atlantic, thankfully he and his father both survived. Henry decided that it was time for the chapter of sailing and oceans to be closed for him and he moved to the Colorado Rockies.

There, he met and was mentored by Corki Weeks; an extraordinary and legendary kaleidoscope artist. Henry's studio is west of Denver up in the Rockies with awesome views of Pikes Peak from his studio and his home. We visited after a spring snow and I wondered how does the UPS truck make it up here? I soon had the answer as a brown 4 wheel drive pickup with huge topper pulled up to his studio. Henry was a gracious host to us as we visited for a day 4 years ago. My oldest daughter (who was 4 at the time) even made a small snowman on the front porch of his studio as the mountain air was magnificent that day.

Henry's studio is filled with color and precision. Imagine a bead station that is a full cubicle of miniature clear drawers of bright glass beads and baubles. His attention to detail, the smooth and sleek designs and the exquisite interior images are all at the top of this category of scopes. The smooth finish is as sleek as glass. The maple and bubinga woods are rich and modern. His designs are elegant, simple and mechanically sublime. All these factors add up to the ultimate wood kaleidoscope.

The Kings Ransom (above)is the ultimate interchangeable object cell kaleidoscope. This scope has been given to architects as a thank you with some of the actual building materials added into the cells. It has also been used for marriage proposals with the diamond engagement ring inside the cell (ring not included).

Here at Kaleidoscopes To You we really value Henry Bergeson's Work and value the smooth woodworking and precise optics and fine craftsmanship.

For a truly unique gift for yourself or someone special in your life, consider the meticulously detailed wood kaleidoscopes crafted by artist Henry Bergeson. These kaleidoscopes are not only works of art in the interior, but also on the exterior as they are made from bubinga, maple, cherry and other types of fine wood. has a fine selection of Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes, appropriate for collectors in two- and three-mirror systems, available in a range of prices. These wonderful wood kaleidoscopes may be proudly displayed on a desk, mantel, foyer table, or anywhere you want to present fine collectibles.

Kaleidoscope artist Henry Bergeson grew up in New England, developing a fine love for sailing along with a love for all things mechanical. Taking these interests in mind when earning a degree in mechanical engineering, Bergeson began designing kaleidoscopes in the 1980s with an eye toward national beauty, combined with the precision of mechanical engineering. The results are evident in Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes such as the popular King’s Ransom and Bubinga Moontide kaleidoscopes, which combine precision optics and fine wooden craftsmanship. Whether choosing a standing or portable model, these unique works of art will provide you with hours of viewing pleasure. You can learn more about Henry Bergeson and his kaleidoscope artistry at