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Vintage Kaleidoscopes

Vintage Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes are designed to be enjoyed for many years, so it only makes sense to buy vintage kaleidoscopes. Perhaps a retro kaleidoscope won’t let you see through someone else’s eyes, but you can see what their eyes saw! When we come across a vintage kaleidoscope in great condition by a talented artist, we simply can’t resist adding it to our collection. But since we only have so much space at home, we offer many of the vintage kaleidoscopes we find to you!

Kaleidoscopes have only improved over time, as many of today’s popular artists have honed their craft and skill set over the years. That said, there is something uniquely special about a retro kaleidoscope, from its materials to simply knowing that others have enjoyed it decades ago. While we feel there is something extraordinary about every vintage kaleidoscope, we only offer those that are in great condition for their age. If you ever want any more information about a specific scope on our site, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Kaleidoscope, Vintage Stained Glass and Copper With Unique Roling Object Cell by Doug and Dottie Johnson
Vintage Kaleidoscope "The Karascope" By Judith Karelitz 1981
Marblescope, Vintage Kaleidoscope, Lavender # 724 By Artist John D Culver.
Vintage Kaleidoscope, "Large Kevel and Stand # 328" Era 1988 By artist Doug Johnson.
Vintage Kaleidoscope, "Winged Scarab #73 By Artist Don Ballwey Era 1980s.
Vintage Kaleidoscope, "Aqua handheld" 1981 3 mirror by Artist Charles Karadimos.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "1998 Rainsong" by Artists Luc and Sallie Durette
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, Interchangeable Marble Scope By Doug and Dottie Johnson of Windseye Kaleidoscopes #2
Vintage Kaleidoscope, Ceramic Callla Lilly By Artists Kosage.
Vintage Kaleidoscope, Blue barrel with 11 inch Wands era 1985 By Wildewood Creative Products.
Vintage Brass Kaleidoscope, "Signature Series" 2 Mirror Systems in one Barrel By artist Corki Weeks 1990
Vintage Kaleidoscope "S F Parlor Series #41 Ash Wood By Glen Straub 2 /25/1988.
Vintage Kaleidoscope "Magnus Parlor" By Glen Straub 1991.
Vintage Kaleidoscope 1983 Handheld Handmade by Artist Steven Augure.
Vintage Kaleidoscope 1991 "Twilight" Handheld Handmade by Artists Shelly and Randy Knapp.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes "Double Round Kevel" Era 1985 By Doug and Dottie Johnson of Windseye.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Wooden Seashells" 3 mirror By Artist Peach Reynolds 1988.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "3 Mirror Polorized" handsigned by Judith Karalitz 1983.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Alpha" 3 mirror By Artist Charles Karadimos 1984.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes "Oasis" #1570 by Paul and Susan Knox.
Kaleidoscope Book "Thru The Kaleidoscope … And Beyond" by Cozy Baker
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "1992 Landscape Series Handheld" by Artist Willie Stevenson.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes "Bush Reproduction # 577" Era 1990 By Van Cort Instruments.
Vintage kaleidoscope " Chesterfield Rainbow" By VanCort Instruments.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "1995 Midnight Magic" By Artists Steve and Peggy Kittleson.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "The Gathering Series- Peace" by Artist Corki Weeks.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Pink Mystic Eye 1988 with Stand" By Artist Charles Karadimos.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Dream Catcher #1476" By Artists Paul and Susan Knox.
Wedding Kaleidoscopes, Brushed Brass and Cherry Wood By Artist David Kalish.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Spirit Scope in Green 1994" By Artist Willie Stevenson.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Shadowdance" 1998 By Artists Luc and Sallie Durette.
Vintage Stained Glass Kaleidoscope,"Beta # 616B" By Artist Charles Karadimos.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Twilight 1992" By Artists Shelley and Randy Knapp.
Vintage Stained Glass Kaleidoscope,"Barrel" By Artists Sue and Bob Rioux.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Black Deco Wheel" By Artist Sheryl Koch.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Glass Wand Scope" By Artist Ron Kuhns.
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, Interchangeable Marble Scope By Doug and Dottie Johnson of Windseye Kaleidoscopes #1
Vintage Kaleidoscope. Dry Chamber By Howard Smith
Vintage Kaleidoscopes, "Large Alabaster 2 Mirror" By Artist Ben Ansley.
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