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Handmade Wooden Wine Drip Catchers

Handmade Wooden Wine Drip Catchers

Handmade Wooden Wine Drip Catchers keep your table linens clean! These are a simple and elegant design and function to catch that one drip of wine that sneaks down the bottle to the table. This solid hardwood ring has a puffy, black velvet lining that absorbs that drip before it gets to the label! This elegant collar for your wine bottle is a great compliment to your elegant table and a very affordabale way to keep wine stains off of your table linens! Solid Rosewood or Padauk with Laminated hardwoods of JalNeem, Ebony, Teak and Padauk. Looking for handmade gifts for wine drinkers that will be enjoyable to look at, and truly useful? Consider a hand turned wooden wine drip ring from Kaleidoscopes To You! Each attractive wine drip collar is handmade from solid woods that have been harmoniously laminated together for a flawless finish. These gorgeous gifts for wine drinkers help stop pesky drips from running down the bottle and staining tables, tablecloths, or carpets. Elegant and practical, these feature a 'piano finish' thanks to 8 coats of lacquer and a thorough hand rubbing and polish! Perfect for anywhere wine is served - at home, a restaurant, bar or winery.

Each wine drip collar is lined in black felt to easily slip over your wine bottle catching every drip! Approx. 1 11/16" diameter, 1" tall Handmade by Vino Strumenti - Excellence in Wine Accessories.
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