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Kaleidoscope Kit, Bobbinscope Kaleidoscope Kit, Bobbinscope
Kaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, BobbinscopeKaleidoscope Kit, Bobbinscope
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Kaleidoscope Kit Bobbinscope. A Wonderful Piece of American History.

Item #: BobbKit
DiscontinuedDiscontinued Model - Out of stock permanently
This Bobbinscope kaleidoscope kit contains an original roving bobbin once used in an American textile cotton mill. This is a unique kaleidoscope kit with easy assembly. You can own a piece of American history which is authentically dated circa 40s to 60s. Each one-of-a-kind collectible is appropriate for ages 15-110. Includes 3 front surface mirrors, beads, wooden bobbin and all the other parts you need to create your own piece of American Folk Art.

A kaleidoscope so unique it was awarded a patent. “Easy-as-pie” kit is the truly “something different” gift for any occasion. Available in 12” lengths. Own a piece of authentically dated American history.

These handsome old roving bobbins were made from a variety of woods by skilled craftsmen from New England to North Carolina. Although modern technology has long since replaced these textile artifacts, we thought they were worth saving. We hope you will agree. Bobbinart has decided to sell the “easy-as-pie” kit. Now you can create your own! All are authentically dated. The 12 inch long Bobbinscopes are dated from the 50’s and 60’s. Dates are shipped randomly. Specific dates shipped cannot be promised. The name and date of manufacturer is easily read on the small end of the kaleidoscope - for example, a date will appear as 10 - 52 (October 1952). Paint on the large end represents color coding for different job applications. Bobbinscope kaleidoscopes are made with 3 mirrors not the ordinary 2. There is a significant difference. With 3 mirrors the number of combinations and patterns is virtually without limit. As the beads tumble randomly, the pattern never repeats. Bobbinscopes make great gifts for any occasion. Supplies are limited.

CAUTION: This kit contains glass beads. It is not a suitable toy for infants and small children. Also please note as some of the bobbins have older paint on their larger ends and are from the 1940s,50s, 60s,and 1970s and the paint may contain lead. Please use common sense and sand and refinish the bobbin where appropriate. These are rustic antiques and will not meet current toy standards.

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