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Kaleido Color Spirit Lime1.7color-spirit-kaleidoscope-lime.html
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime
Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in LimeColor Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime
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Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime By Kaleido Company.

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Love a minimalist design that reserves its colorful captivation for the beauty inside? The Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Lime was crafted for you! Each of these unique Color Spirit kaleidoscopes is created from durable acrylic with complementary silver/gray and lime green accents, helping to keep the price point low while ensuring your kaleidoscope will delight for many years to come. The Color Spirit in Lime kaleidoscope is outfitted with a 2-mirror system, creating a mandala-shaped 6-point star image inside. While the exterior is sleek and simple in style, the image inside is beyond breathtaking! These Wonderful kaleidoscopes are designed to allow light to come in sideways, which creates a striking black background with every color-filled turn. The eyepiece also features a simple slide dust cover to help keep your Spirit Lime kaleidoscope clean and crisp.

The object cell of these Color Spirit kaleidoscopes is filled with medical grade mineral oil. Brilliantly hued pieces of Fimo clay are added, floating alongside glass beads and unique colorful beads and other interesting and cool trinkets. The nice variety and ballance of whites and green shades and accents colors serves as an elegant balancing contrast to the vivid Fimo clay and beads.
• 2 Mirror System (Round Interior Image) 6 point Symmetry.
• Separate turning oil filled chamber
• Dust cover easily opens and closes with a switch near the eyepiece
• The Spirit in Lime Green kaleidoscope stands 9” tall, is 2” at the eyepiece, and 2 3/4" at the turning chamber.
• One of the best values we offer in our kaleidoscope Gallery - Durable - Affordable - Breathtaking Images inside and a very Nice size kaleidoscope.
•Highly recommended.

Dimensions of this kaleidoscope are Stands 9 inches tall is 2 inches at the Eye Peice and is 2 3/4 at the Separate Turning Oil filled Chamber.

Customer Testimonials

Ross ordered a Spirit in blue and wrote "My girlfriend absolutely LOVES it. The picture of it on your website makes it look sort of small, but I was surprised when I got it and it was nine inches long. It is much more tremendous than I could have ever imagined it to be. If you ever get the chance, tell David Collier that he makes the greatest kaleidoscopes on the planet."

"I bought the kaleidoscope for my sister who is a high school chorus teacher. She has used the example of the colors of a kaleidoscope as a way to describe the sound she has tried to get from the chorus for years. I had the gift delivered to her high school and chose one that has her favorite colors displayed in it. She was thrilled and touched that I got her something so personal and useful in her classroom!" - Rhonda

"I did receive my new kaleidoscope in a very timely fashion. I love it. I keep it by my bedside and enjoy looking through it before I go to sleep. I enjoyed kaleidoscopes for my entire life, having one of this caliber assures that I can keep my mind stimulated. Can't wait to take it to festivals this summer and share it with my friends. Thank you and I look forward to working with you more in the future" Dale

"I received my Color Spirit kaleidoscope yesterday and it was amazing! I have never seen anything as beautiful as the images in this kaleidoscope! I was very surprised at how big it was and how well made. The absolute neatest thing was that it moves on its own, constantly changing and the colors are wonderful. I have never seen anything as beautiful(man made) . Thank you so much!" Sharon

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